Inexpensive Fall Activities for Couples

Fall is one of the best times for couples to find inexpensive date-night activities. The cooling weather, gorgeous scenery and shorter days make indoor activities more common, while outdoor activities can be much more romantic. Planning inexpensive fall activities as a couple is a great way to keep the fire of romance alive while summer ends, and prepare for the long winter months ahead.

Fall Hiking for Couples

Autumn is one of the best times for couples to go hiking. The scenery is beautiful, and the colors of the leaves makes for a very romantic walk through the woods. Saving and pressing a few leaves from a hike is a great way to preserve the memory. Additionally, fall photography is beautiful and inexpensive. Many areas have group photography sessions so couples and individuals can find and photograph the best views.

Whether hiking together or with a group, fall hiking is a great and cheap way to spend time as a couple. Most nature preserves allow hiking for free during the day. Nature preserves along the water also offer canoes to rent for a few hours, which is another great and inexpensive way to see one of nature’s best shows: the fall foliage.

Fall Cooking Classes for Couples

Find a cooking class that offers locally grown or organic food, and that focuses on meals made using seasonal ingredients, such as squash and pumpkin. This is a great way for couples to spend time together and learn how to make easy meals using ingredients that will be both inexpensive and abundant.

Cooking classes allow couples to share a meal in an unconventional way. Date night is combined with education and cooperation, as well as a great dinner, which can make for a truly special occasion. Many cooking classes are inexpensive, and they are a great way for couples to plan a date.

Fall Movie Date Nights

Couples should plan autumn movie nights once a week. Whether the movies are set in the fall or not, movie night is a great, cheap way to spend time together. Going to the movie theater is a great way to spend time together and see good movies, but date night can be just as fun curled up on the couch at home.

Pick out a few classic favorites, and plan to watch one each week during September, October and November. Planning and sticking to a date night is a great way to encourage romance and commitment in the relationship, as well as share in some excellent movies.

Visit an Apple Orchard

Many apple orchards allow individuals to pick their own apples and purchase them. Visiting a local apple orchard supports the economy and provides a great couples’ treat. A good supply of apples can make a good snack, a delicious apple pie and a wonderful reminder of time spent together. Visiting a local orchard can be a treat for couples and kids.

Couples Can Plan for Halloween

Halloween is a great time for couples. Dressing up in matching costumes, planning or attending a party, or taking kids trick-or-treating is a simple way to enjoy this popular holiday. Plan to decorate the house, hand out candy and design costumes in order to celebrate together. Creating lasting memories on Halloween is a simple and inexpensive way to enjoy each others’ company.

Redecorating for Couples

Spend a day at home together decorating for fall. Put away summer decorations and bring out candles, autumn accents and blankets for those colder nights at home. Redecorating the house together is a great way to spend a day and create some fond memories. Having seasonal decorations is an easy way to prepare for autumn, and decorating together is inexpensive and fun.

Fall is a time when people begin to spend more of their days indoors, and this can lead to cabin fever and arguments. Finding ways to work together cooperatively, spend time together in positive ways and get back outside every now and again is a great way to ensure that autumn is a positive season. Finding inexpensive date ideas is a simple way to stay happy.