Is Internet Dating All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Millions of people are using internet dating sites to find that perfect someone they’ve been looking for all of their lives. Is internet dating more effective than traditional dating? Let’s take a closer look.

Relationship Number One

Don in Texas met his wife on an internet dating site. Actually, he met and had relationships with several women that he first encountered on such sites. Finally, he met the one that was right for him and she felt the same way. They have been married for four years.

Did this internet dating relationship end well? After four years of marriage, I’m sure Don and his wife would answer with an enthusiastic “yes!”

Relationship Number Two

Jean in Arkansas met her husband on an internet dating site. She was very careful about who she chose to date. There were several men who were interesting, but Jean didn’t quite feel that any of these were the perfect match for her. Then she met Tim on a dating site and decided that he would make a great companion, so they talked online and by phone for quite sometime. Later on they decided to actually meet. After dating for several months, they tied the knot. Two years later, they divorced.

Did this internet dating relationship end well? Unfortunately, no it did not.

Relationship Number Three

Clint in Arkansas met his Texan wife on an internet chat room before online dating sites became popular. They chatted for three months, decided to attend a country music concert together, and it’s been true love ever since. They’ve had their ups and downs just like most couples, but they’ve been married for almost eleven years.

Did this internet dating relationship end well? Clint and his wife would give us a resounding “yes!”

Online or Traditional Dating?

Online dating sites often render the same results as traditional dating methods. Both methods of meeting the prospective significant other provide opportunities to meet people who may or may not be compatible with your personality. While both ways of meeting dates are similar, there is also one very big difference. With online dating you can never be too sure of exactly what you might be getting into with each person you meet. Traditional dating requires a face to face appearance from the very beginning. You can learn quite a bit about a person by reading into her facial expressions and body language. Eye contact is also very important when meeting someone new. By interacting with someone through eye contact you can immediately get a sense of his level of self-confidence and sincerity.

Minors and Online Dating

While internet dating is acceptable for adults, it is never acceptable for people under the age of 18. Although most dating sites discourage use by minors, kids have other ways of meeting strangers online. Facebook , MySpace, and Twitter are all very useful sites for adult social networking. However, these sites can create avenues by which child predators can acquire easy access to minors. Any online social networking accounts used by kids should be heavily monitored by parents and other responsible adults.

How will You Choose to Date?

Is internet dating the way to go? For some people, this is the most exciting way to meet new people. For others, traditional dating creates a more comfortable environment. Yet, others combine both methods of dating to meet the largest number of prospective dating partners possible. No matter which methods you may choose, it is always wise to exercise good judgment when it comes to interacting with strangers. While there are many nice people in the world, there are a few that are up to no good. Be careful and date safely!